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By our nurse Annika.

Before dogs were domesticated, thousands of years ago, they fed naturally on anything that they could scavenge. Today wild dogs still eat fruits, berries and other vegetable substances that they come across.

Although there are many theories on why dogs eat grass most behaviourists say it’s simply because they like the taste. Some say it could be a nutritional need of fibre so swapping to a good quality food can sometimes help. Even though many dogs that are on a well balanced diet do still eat grass.

It could also be boredom. It’s fairly common in dogs that spend a lot of time on their own in the garden so providing regular exercise and perhaps some chew toys can distract the behaviour.

If a dog gets a sudden need to eat grass it might be because they have an upset stomach. It could be an instinctive attempt to induce vomiting. In this case the dog eats the grass as quickly as possible, barely chewing it. It is believed the grass tickles their throat and thus induces vomiting.

Eating grass is not harmful to your dog unless there are any dangerous fertilizers or pesticides on the grass itself. It is just normal canine behaviour and nothing to worry about. However, if your dog keeps eating grass and carries on vomiting do contact us.

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