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By our Receptionist Steph

The last thing you ever want to think about is your beloved pet going missing but when this happens what do you do? Who do you call?

Brown Lead

Unfortunately we have many owners call the surgery in a panic that their family pet is missing. Most common are dogs that have slipped their leads in the park or ran off. Cats that have not come home, this is the most common, especially in the summer months when cats stay out for longer periods of time.

Hopefully following these simple steps we can help get your beloved pet home in no time.


  • First thing have a thorough look around the area your pet was last seen i.e areas in the park, gardens/ in shrubbery. Also get your neighbours to check their gardens as they may have been shut in sheds or garages without anyone knowing. Sometimes your pets may sneak in past you without knowing so check your own homes, look in cosy places, under the bed and in wardrobes or anywhere you think they could hide.
  • If your pet is microchipped contact Petlog, the contact number and the microchip details should have been given to you when your pet was microchipped. If you do not know any of these details contact the microchip implanter i.e Vets/Charity. Petlog can update their database and mark your pet as missing, this will help us reunite you with you pet quicker if someone finds your lost one and calls them.
  • Contact your local council or dog warden to check if they have been reported or handed in by a member of public.
  • Also contact local vets in the area, they are able to scan your pet and obtain you details from the Petlog database.
  • Generating posters are also very helpful, posting through letter boxes and putting them up in surrounding areas to see if anyone has seen them hanging around.
  • Social media is very popular nowadays, just posting a picture with a description can be shared by many. This can be a very effective method of spreading the word.
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