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Written by our Animal Care Assistant Jason

Maintaining a clean environment your rabbit or guinea pig in summer and in all months of the year is very important to maintaining a clean and healthy pet.

The majority of the time you are advised when buying a small mammal from a pet shop to clean them out once a week, however this is not always the case.

As most of you may know I breed and show Rabbits, and I also own 4 old guinea pigs that I used to show.

To keep my animals as tip top and clean as I can I do what is known as “a daily spot clean” this means taking all soiled/wet urinated bedding out of the animals environment on a daily basis. Depending on the individual animal (some are cleaner than others) sometimes this means taking 10{21162e236376257ee52a7926ec0828dc318205a3520b37a01938bce2672e6500} of one animals bedding away and then 90{21162e236376257ee52a7926ec0828dc318205a3520b37a01938bce2672e6500} of anothers, depending how messy the individual animal is.

Replacing this daily makes a less smelly environment to which flies are less attracted to and will keep away. Follow this by a weekly clean when you clean remove and disinfect the whole environment.

Checking your animal is also crucial on a daily basis with rabbits and guinea pigs. During summer months  especially checking their back end as faecal matter can get stuck in this area especially in rabbits. Flies will be attracted to this and can lay their eggs on this area, which will develop into maggots and cause FLY STRIKE.

If your rabbit for example does have this then carefully cut away the faecal matter to keep the area clean,  also you can apply “Rear Guard” to the back end of your rabbit and guinea pig, which helps keep flies away from this area.

A rabbit that can’t clean its bottom on a regular basis could also mean your little one is overweight so please seek advise – book an appointment today with our veterinary nurses who will be able to help and advise if a diet is needed.

If all of the above is checked and done on a daily basis flies should keep away and you will keep and maintain a happy healthy animal. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us at Paxton Vet Clinics as we are all happy to help.

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