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Vet Frankie at Paxton Vets

A quick cuddle with our vet Frankie

This lovely boy has been on rather an adventure. He was brought into our clinic road by a concerned client who had noticed him hanging around her area for two weeks and appearing very hungry.

We scanned him and were thrilled to discover he had a microchip (we always are!) and this enabled us to contact his owner straightaway.

She had last seen him on 31st March and had given up all hope of him returning to the family home and was convinced he must have died.

She was very emotional to hear he was safe and well.

He lives in Beckenham and had somehow managed to get all the way to Croydon over the period he was missing!

They were delighted to be reunited together and it was all because he was microchipped.

He is a really lovely cat, pictured here with our Vet Frankie who had a quick cuddle whilst he waited to be collected.



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See Connor before and after!

Connor is now at his ideal weight and loves nothing more than running around the park with his friends