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Did you know that we now offer Medical Pet Shirts for your pet to wear after surgery instead of a cone of shame, to stop them licking at their surgical site?

They do need to be ordered in advance of the surgery to ensure we get the correct fit for your pet and are £17 for cats and £19 for all sizes of dog.

This is Bagheera wearing hers proudly after her neutering procedure.

Let us know if you are interested in ordering one for your pet, if it is coming in for planned surgery.

Cat on consulting room table wearing pet shirt  Clifton Rd at Paxton vets

I would like to thank Helen, Louisa and the whole team at Clifton Road for looking after our lovely Fifi.

We rushed her in just over a week ago thinking the worst and that we were going to lose her, but with the care and support received Fifi has made such a great recovery and has been signed off today.

Thanks again guys you truly are a great team!!! Xx



We will now be open for pre-booked appointments until 8pm on 3 nights a week!

See Connor before and after!

Connor is now at his ideal weight and loves nothing more than running around the park with his friends