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Fifi in kennels at Paxton vets Clifton Rd
Fifi the dog lookign very sheepish at clifton rd practice Paxton vets

Naughty Fifi raided the bins and got more than she bargained for………….

She ate the string from around a lamb joint which got caught around the base of her tongue and cut into it so deeply that she was unable to move her tongue, swallow or eat and was in a very bad way.

A feeding tube was placed directly into her oesophagus (feeding tube) at the Clifton Rd clinic so that she could be fed liquid through this, bypassing her tongue, while it had a chance to heal. She also had an intravenous catheter in her front leg to re-hydrate her initially, and via which we could give pain relief and anaesthetic drugs.

She has made a full recovery and was eating by herself a week later, so the feeding tube was removed. Has Fifi learned her lesson we wonder?!

We hope she’s learned her lesson too! She is fully back to her old self running around after the cats and rolling around like nothing happened.

The hole has healed very nicely and she’s even back to eating her complete biscuits. I said it in my review and I truly believe this group of vets are amazing!

Karen Simmons (Fifi's owner)

Pug pup with bald patches at Paxton vets Clifton Rd
Demodex mites seen under the microscope at clifton rd practice

Meg the young Pug recently came into the clinic to see Head Vet Helen, as she had developed quite a few bald patches on her coat. These weren’t itchy at all, and didn’t bother her, but were increasing in number and definitely ruining her beauty.

Helen performed a skin scrape in the consultation and found Demodex mites. These are passed on by very close contact with another dog, usually the mother of a litter of puppies, and they burrow deep into the skin, causing the death of the hair follicles. The image shows one of the bald patches seen on Meg. There were more on her tummy, back legs and patches around her face too

Luckily they are easily treated, and after 4 weekly baths with a medicated shampoo, Meg’s mites have completely disappeared and all the bald patches have disappeared.

Our Golden Oldie Winners

Our Golden Oldie Winners

Both Dotong and Hector won prizes in the Golden Oldie class at the Crystal Palace Festival

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