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A big thank you to everyone who sponsored me to run the Uganda Marathon, which was one of the toughest ordeals I’ve ever put myself through, but I’m pleased to say that, despite the odds, and not being particularly fit, I MADE IT !!!

It was incredibly hot that day (my birthday!), not a cloud in the sky, humid, hilly, muddy, and at 1500m altitude….. but running through stunning rural Uganda, getting cheered on by kids, dodging cows, taking my time up the hills, thinking of all the different projects that I was fundraising for and smiling all the way – helped me complete the whole thing (and I didn’t even come last!!)

100{21162e236376257ee52a7926ec0828dc318205a3520b37a01938bce2672e6500} of any money I manage to raise will go towards the projects that I worked on in the days leading up to the Marathon so, as promised, here are a few photos of what I got up to.

THANK YOU so very much to those who have sponsored me, and if anyone else is inspired to do so from these photos, then you still can using this link:

A few pounds goes such a long way in Uganda and is hugely appreciated by the community in Masaka town.

Helen from Paxton vets in Uganda

Running through Masaka town centre

Recycling in Uganda

The students at this Vocational Institute for young adults with disabilities had collected 12,000 discarded plastic bottles. We worked with them, and the local community to make them into useful items such as bins, walls for a chicken house, chicken feeders, a green house, plant pots. This is a completely free way to help themselves, as well as the environment, and a really new idea to this area of Uganda, so fingers crossed they will embrace it and continue creating upcycling ideas


This a gorgeous piglet at a pig project I helped at Ddembe House – it’s a home for street kids with drug and alcohol dependence issues. They are given a home, education and taught how to breed and rear piglets, along side other vocational skills such as cooking, music, dance, and business skills, so that they have a chance to become independent again

uganda project

A finished chicken pen wall

helen vet and chicken

Myself and the proud chicken owner. I was able to help him with advice on disease prevention, diet and help put together his business plan for the next

Helen from Paxton Vets ran Uganda marathon

Helen from Paxton vets in Uganda

The Marathon was a never ending succession of hills like this one!

recycling uganda

A simple way of making plastic “string” to tie everything together


These chickens were bought last year using a microfinance loan, and the young guy who owns them has just managed to pay it back, and buy a new batch of layers – so starting his own sustainable business, and a way out of extreme poverty for him and his family

uganda project

Florence and Peter were in the process of applying for this year’s 10 much sought after microfinance loans, which is another project that the Uganda Marathon supports. We spent the day preparing a fully thought out Business Plan to buy 3 pigs each, build a piggery, breed from them, and sell the piglets – factoring in costs of housing, food, water, and how to minimise disease, theft, and maximise their profit

vet helen in Uganda

Presenting our plan to the board

helen in uganda

SUCCESS!!!! – Their applications were granted, for a $220 loan, for 12 months, with 3{21162e236376257ee52a7926ec0828dc318205a3520b37a01938bce2672e6500} interest. If all goes well then they should be able to pay this back in 12 months, and then own the pigs outright, to continue their very own pig businesses. My experience owning a business, as well as being a Vet came in very useful, and I will remain their mentor during the next 12 months via email and skype

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Socialising a puppy during lockdown

Socialising a puppy during lockdown

This isn’t the easiest time to be socialising your puppy but if you do the 7 things listed above you will have made the best out of the current situation


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