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Mr Darcy at Clifton Rd at Paxton vets

Poor Mr Darcy was bought into the clinic at Clifton Rd as he had been vomiting, was very subdued, and refusing to eat which is very unlike him.

His x-rays showed some gas in his intestines but no obvious foreign body was seen. However he didn’t improve with medical treatment, and x-rays the following day showed the gas in his intestines hadn’t moved, so a foreign body was suspected and he went straight to surgery.

Mr Darcy had a CORN ON THE COB removed from his intestines and we are pleased to say that he’s made a speedy recovery once it had been removed.

We were delighted to see Mr Darcy go home with his owner looking much more comfortable and wagging his tail :).

What a lovely boy; so gentle and good natured despite major surgery and long hospital stays.

X-ray of dog Mr Darcy at Clifton Rd at Paxton vets

I would like to thank Helen, Louisa and the whole team at Clifton Road for looking after our lovely Fifi.

We rushed her in just over a week ago thinking the worst and that we were going to lose her, but with the care and support received Fifi has made such a great recovery and has been signed off today.

Thanks again guys you truly are a great team!!! Xx


Our Golden Oldie Winners

Our Golden Oldie Winners

Both Dotong and Hector won prizes in the Golden Oldie class at the Crystal Palace Festival

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