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Georgina is a gorgeous rescue bunny, being cared for by our friends at

She came in recently for her spay operation, which is recommended for all female bunnies as shown below.

Advice on Spaying Female Rabbits (Does)

This should be done from 6 months of age. The uterus and ovaries are removed under general anaesthetic.

It is a routine operation just as in dogs and cats. Dissolving sutures are used in the small skin incision on the underside of the abdomen.

The rabbit is normally only at the surgery for the day of the operation.


Rabbit Georgina on for spay at Paxton vets

Reasons to spay:

  • You do not need to worry about your doe becoming pregnant if living with a male rabbit
  • At least 50{21162e236376257ee52a7926ec0828dc318205a3520b37a01938bce2672e6500} of female rabbits die from uterine or ovarian tumours so spaying prevents this.
  • Female rabbits are often moody and aggressive around their seasons, which occur every 3 weeks. Spaying will stop these hormonal changes and improve the overall temperament of the rabbit which helps younger children enjoy them.
  • A spayed rabbit is easier to litter train as they are less likely to mark their territory.
Socialising a puppy during lockdown

Socialising a puppy during lockdown

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*Coronavirus Update*

*Coronavirus Update*

The health, safety and wellbeing of our patients, our staff and our community is our priority

Say NO to plastic

Say NO to plastic

We are no longer using plastic bags at the clinics, but have moved to paper bags

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