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A big thank you to all our clients who participated in the BIG TICK PROJECT last year!

This involved owners picked at random, who were bringing their dogs into the clinic for any type of consultation, being asked to fill out a short questionnaire on where their dog was exercised, and whether or not they had found a tick on their dog recently, plus the Vet at our clinic would check the dog over during their consultation, and send off any specimens that were found. This was a countrywide project and the results have just been published which are fascinating, if a little scary.

31% of dogs picked at random were found to have ticks, a source of Lyme disease, and London was a surprising hot spot.

Using this link, you can check what the threat level is for the post code where you walk your dog, and learn more about ticks:

If you would like further information on how to prevent ticks, please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic.

Big tick project


We will now be open for pre-booked appointments until 8pm on 3 nights a week!

See Connor before and after!

Connor is now at his ideal weight and loves nothing more than running around the park with his friends